CUC554 ...  17. 2. 2020

Vyhodnotil OK2WA, poslední aktualizace 19.února 2020 v 20.00

Swen, SJ6W mi o sobě napsal:

Well, my name is Sten Thorburn and I am living in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast.

My amateur call sign is SM6MIS and I got my license in 1981. Was active for many years but then other things took so much time

(work etc.) so I was more or less QRT for many years. Lately, I have, again, another situation with my work so very much more time free for HAM Radio. Since October last year I try to participate in so many contests I can and have equipment for. So far this year I have participated in over 50 HF contests and a few VHF/UHF as well. Almost always QRP and CW.

I use my contest call, SJ6W, in most of the contests.

As I still live in a flat in the middle of the city, I have big problems with QRM.

My antenna is just a small mobil antenna which I place outside my window on a very narrow metallic area (for the magnetic base on the mobile antenna). When I change band I have to open my window, unscrew the 80m element and replace it with the element for 40m).

Also it is also only "free" direction from east to south for the antenna. All other directions are somewhat blocked by concrete in my house. 

I have two rigs, One Tentec Orion I (mostly use this one), and also  Kenwood TS-2000.

With my location, I have very poor reception and also poor tx as well. I think I have worked only the so called "Pile UP"- stations in the CUC test since they sending CQ on the same FQ all the time. There has been some QSB as well so the station I worked have been all from S1 to S7 as best.

I usually work the OK1MEM test before the CUC test and in that test I hear more stations, but I can't work more than a few (5-10 QSO's)

I am looking for another QTH and will get it soon I hope. Then I should be able to put up much better antennas and have less QRM's.

Best 73 de Sten   (SM6MIS/SJ6W)

Stanic celkem 25
Došlých deníků 26
Vyhodnocených spojení 345
Závodní potenciál 1,800

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