CUC566 ...  11. 5. 2020

Vyhodnotil OK2WA, poslední aktualizace 13.května 2020 v 20.30

Ptal jsem se Stena SJ6W, jestli v jeho zemi existuje podobný závod, jako je náš CUC:

Hallo Sten,

could you check if in your country exist similar contest like our CUC ?   It might by funny try it for us  :-)

Sten odpověděl/ Sten answered:

hello Petr,

I have checked our contest calender this year. I can't find any similar QRP test organized in Sweden.  I have participated in over 200 HF test this year and I think it has been some QRP tests organized by RSGB and DARC (but not on a weekly basis).

Maybe this could be something for the future.
When Corona isolation begins to ease, maybe I could ask on meetings in Sweden if there is interest for this.

best 73s  /Sten

Zdá se, že jsme unikátní / Our CUC seems to be unique :-)


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